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About DRM International GmbH

DRM International GmbH is a management consulting company.
We are project developers with a special focus on industrial and real estate. With our experience in the investment project and trading of free goods, we have acquired a strong know-how in the development of projects. DRM International GmbH is owner-managed, with a headquartered in Hamburg

Our wide network of subject matter experts and industry specialists gives us the flexibility, our project team and the special requirements of each individual project. If needed, we can always rely on partners, depending on the specific needs of the projects or their geographic region.
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Hight Quality
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. All our professionals have more than 10 years of legal experiences. We like what we do.
Good Support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. Also you can visit our office for personal consultation.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.

Our services

We offer wide range of services in creative spheres.
Note what we can offer to your company.
For Our knowledge of all phases of international business allows us to be the perfect partner for those customers who wish to increase the quality of their products while optimizing costs and resources and increasing profits..



Import & Export
Construction machinery - The company benefits from various strategically important contacts, such as construction machinery manufacturers and dealers. DRM International GmbH has taken up the challenge of offering customers complete solutions for their entire existing and future needs. We also export spare parts for construction machinery. Similarly, the company covers the need for the necessary network for business deals.
For every investment decision, a profitability analysis has to be considered: Is the offer attractive for your project? Is there enough liquidity available? Is the operating and possibly private assets sufficient and still well protected?
What are the follow-up costs? What effects on the operating result and liquidity can be expected? When exactly will the investment pay off?
We support you in the development of a financing concept tailored to your situation.
We will prepare all import/export documentation and will coordinate the with the transportation company all movements.

Among the documentation services that we can provide are:
Preparation of documents for import/Export
Customer Invoicing
Coordination of pick-up &
drop-off of cargo with transportation provider
Invest in Germany
Why is the German economy so strong?
1. The key role of industry
With gross value added of 22.9 percent, Germany achieves the highest rate among the G7 countries. The most important sectors are the electrical industry, vehicle construction, mechanical engineering and the chemical industry.
2. An economy without restrictions
In Germany, the foreign trade quota is 84.4 percent. (That's the imports and exports Totaled in relation to GDP.)
3. strong export ratio compared to other countries in europe
the fourth largest in the world, the German economy is one fifth of the GDP of the european union to germany
4. Country of the fair location
Germany has ten million trade fair visitors annually. Of the five largest trade fair events in the world, three take place in Germany
5. Ideal for medium-sized companies
The business executives in Germany are the following cities: Munich (high-tech), Stuttgart (vehicle construction), Rhein-Neckar (chemicals, IT), Frankfurt (finance), Hamburg (harbor, aircraft construction, media) and Berlin / Brandenburg startups.
6. Germany and the world economy
Germany is one of the most important export and import nations in the world. Although only 1.1 percent of the world's population lived in Germany in 2015, Germany accounted for 8.0 percent of world goods exports and 6.3 percent for goods imports in the same year. Germany has already been "export world champion" ten times.
Made in Germany Label Tops Global Ranking
(Source: Made-In-Country-Index)
Satisfaction of every client

We want to exceed expectations of our client with our service that our message "Your Partner Like None!" will be graspable for our client.
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Do you have questions or a task for us?
We are always there for you.

+49 (163) 1068764

Kastanienplatz 6
30926 Seelze

We are close to Hamburg Hafen City and Hamburg city center
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